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Red Jonaprince®

Place where it was bred: Holland
Origin: Mutant of the cultivar Jonagold
Height: The tree grows greatly and has a big branchy head
Pollinators: Elise, Elstar, Gala, Gloster, Golden, Idared, Najdared, Ligol, Szampion, Reno2, Evereste, Golden Hornet, Prof Sprenger
Pollinated cultivars: none - triploid
Fruit: The fruit ripen early and have a rich red colour. They are large or very large (medium size is 75-85mm) and have a globular and conic shape. The skin is shiny, smooth, in 95 to 100% covered with a heavy and deep red erubescence even in a shady side of the tree and in the middle of the head. Red Jonaprince’s fruit have more sugar and hardness than other Jonagolds. Red Jonaprince has a high content of anthocyanins
Harvest maturity: In comparison with standard varieties from Jonagold’s group, they are picked very early, on the third week of September
Storage: Due to the close-grained pap the fruit have a long storage life and appetizing look.
Resistance to frost: Low
Susceptibility to diseases: Scab - medium; powdery mildew - medium; fire blight - medium; other: bark and wood diseases - low/medium; bitter pit - high; bitter rot - medium

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